Todays blog post is less technical than the previous ones. I would like to talk about some events that happened in the last time.

I am a registered Apple developer since November 2013. Since then I collected a lot of experiences, built a lot of apps and gained a ton of knowledge. But every product I built was for someone else, no matter if it was a company or a person. Even the first app I built (the iOS app for my university HTW Dresden) was not published via my personal account but an enterprise account of the university.

Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with building apps for others and I am very proud of every app I built or contributed to, especially the ones that are used by thousands or even millions of people. But over the years I payed nearly 400€ just for being registered at Apples developer program without using the service like it should be used: for submitting apps.

Last week I had a crazy idea, I wondered what Apple thinks about Get Schwifty. They already accepted versions of it for beta testing via Testflight before (with one exception because I used the Swift logo as app icon) but that does not mean they would also approve it for the App Store. So I added a must-have feature: the ability to stop running scripts. I changed the info text from ‘thanks for testing Get Schwifty’ to ‘thanks for using Get Schwifty’. I filled out the necessary information in iTunesConnect (since I have no dedicated website for the app I named this blog instead) and clicked on Submit to Review.

Just a day later Apple really approved my app, so I am thrilled to announce that ‘Get Schwifty’ is now available on the Apple App Store. I am also really glad to work on a new feature which was initiated by a pull request on Github.

I am also very excited to announce another project which I had planned together with Dominik. We had the idea back in October last year. We wanted to create a German podcast about iOS, macOS, Objective-C and Swift-development. We have a lot of ideas and topics for future episodes so we just started recording the first one which is already available in our RSS-Feed.

The first episode is about WWDC about which I also talked in a previous blog post before. I am really excited where this journey will bring us. The next episode is already planned and we will have a great guest in the show. The episode will hit your podcast player (I recommend Overcast) on 24th of April if you subscribed to our feed. 😬

Thanks for reading this far! The next blog post will have a technical topic again, Typscript! Stay tuned and whish me luck for this week’s friday which is the day Apple announces the scholarship winners for this years WWDC.