I am done

Today I wrote my last exam for this semester; so I am finally done with this stressful time. It feels like it is getting harder every time to concentrate only on the topics that are necessary to pass every single exam. Especially in this time my head is full of motivation for a lot of different projects but I am forcing myself to not start any of them during the exam period. I just do not want to distract myself from the important topics with other more interesting ones.

I am very glad that I can concentrate on all these projects now. In this blog post I want to talk about some things I have planned in the near future. First of all I have ‘holidays’. That means there are no lectures until the 18th of March. But I do not have free time because during this time I have no limitations on the amount of hours I can go to work. So if there is enough to do for me I will spend a lot of time in the office creating cool stuff for LOVOO.

On the 21st of March I am going to give a talk about React Native. I am really hyped by this framework currently and glad to make it a topic to bring the Cocoaheads Dresden together after months of silence. React Native is also going to be a topic for a blog post later in March I guess. The talk itself is going to be recorded and uploaded to Youtube but the video is going to be in German.

Another project I will finally be able to start is the rewrite of the HTW-Dresden app. The old implementation was my first iOS app and definitely needs a rewrite! I am very glad my friend Kilian has joined the team a while ago and is goint to write the app together with me.

I am also very excited about starting to work on my compiler. Next week I want to start writing a first implementation of the Lexer. Later this week I am going to publish another blog post that contains all necessary information about the project. I want to point out which language I am going to use and where the repository can be found.

Beside that I would like to continue and start reading some nice books. I am currently reading those two on my Kindle:

Those are the two books I plan to read afterwards:

(The links for the Kindle and the books are affiliate links to Amazon. So if you buy anything by clicking them I get a few cents. Feel free to not use them by searching the titles on Amazon.)

Something else I really want to talk about shortly is a project which my friend Fabian and his friend Rikke published yesterday. The app which they built helps people that suffer from social anxieties. It is called Steps and helps you by challenging yourself on a daily basis. You have a list of challenges from different categories which you can choose. You can save them in your private list and complete them by solving a ‘simple’ task like ‘asking a stranger to take a photo of yourself’. This is something that sounds easy but might not be if you suffer from social anxieties. You can read more about the topic here and vote for them on Product Hunt here. I really love their passion and hope they have a great success with the product!

Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope your are nearly as excited as I am about the future. See you later this week!