Todays blog post is less technical than the previous ones. I would like to talk about some events that happened in the last time. I am a registered Apple developer since November 2013. Since then I collected a lot of experiences, built a lot of apps and gained a ton of knowledge. But every product I built was for someone else, no matter if it was a company or a person. »

Technical details

(The cover is copied from If you do not know what the picture has in common with the topic, check out last weeks blog post) Last week I introduced ‘Get Schwifty’ - an app to write, evaluate and run Swift scripts on an iPhone. Today I am going to describe some technical details of the project. The project consists of three major parts: user interface, compiler and JavaScript runtime environment. »

Introducing Get Schwifty!

Each year Apple organizes a conference for their third party platform developers. The conference is called WWDC (world wide developers conference) and takes place in California, USA. Although the tickets are extremly expensive (1,599$ each) it is almost impossible to get the chance to buy one due to the mass of people who try their luck. The conference is all about the software; Apple uses the opening keynote to introduce the new major versions of their platform operating systems, iOS and macOS. »